Never Can Say Goodbye?

| June 17, 2012 | 1 Comments

According to our Manager, Paul, if this is the theme song in your garage and attic, you need to visit him NOW at  A-Advance Storage Solutions, located at 5150 W. Camelback, Glendale, 85301. We understand there are many reasons to store important personal possessions, or business documents. During periods of transition, or for future generations, you need to be confident in your knowledge that your things are secure and well monitored. With our 24/7 storage facility management, and video surveillance, you can rest easy. And you can enjoy the new-found space you now have in your garage! Visit or call Paul today (623-934-5570) for an evaluation of storage unit sizes that will be serve you.





One Comment

  1. Johnny Mendoza says:

    Hello my name is Johnny I have had my storage unit here at 5150 W. Camelback, Glendale, 85301 with Paul for 2 years & it has been a good 2 years & I will be able to get some of my things out due to getting a new place but even though my new place is in Tolleson Az which is on the other side of town I will still be keeping a smaller storage there with Paul because of the service I have gotn here & it has always been clean & well takeing care of so I thank Paul for a Job well done on being a great manager with this being said I would recomend this storage to anyone needed a stroage unit.

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